Learn how you can prevent water damage in your buildings

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Yaron Lief

Monday, January 4, 2016
9:00 am - 11:00 am
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Orange Restoration San Diego

8250 Vickers St Suite C

Yaron Lief

Almost every single property manager in the country, and probably also the world as well, has been forced to deal with water damage of some sort or another in their professional careers – and potentially also in their personal life as well! It is something that can happen to the best property managers, no matter how vigilant and organised they are. However, there will also be a high number of cases that could have been prevented if the property manager was aware of particular ways that they could check on their property, and yet this information is not always widely available. Thankfully a new training course has been created that will offer water damage prevention for all that attend, and the best thing is that the event on Monday January 4th 2016 is completely free.


Being proactive when it comes to water damage is essential, as experts have estimated that the single biggest cost to property managers is rectifying damage that has been created by excess water. And yet the most basic changes to a property manager’s routine could eliminate the vast majority of these cases. For example, introducing monthly inspections to those areas within the property that are most likely to cause water damage could instantly reduce the extent of any water damage, because by definition it could only have been occurring for a maximum of one month.


On the other hand, this is only possible if the property manager knows which areas to look in! Many of the areas where water damage can occur are not the most obvious, and that can lead to areas being overlooked and not carefully managed. This can be critical, not only for the property that is managed, and those who are living in or using the property, but also those who are managing the property! Too many people have lost their jobs because they have not adequately taken care of the property that is their responsibility, and their lack of knowledge about the problem has not been accepted as a reasonable excuse . . . if anything, quite the opposite. Their dismissal will be all the more swift because they did not perform the very essence of the job they were hired to do, and so they will be let go in order to best protect the property.


That is why it is so essential to ensure that no stone lies unturned when it comes to learning about the best possible procedures and practices for taking care of a property, whether it is your own or one that you manage for another. Just one moment of lack of care could transform your career for the worst, and so that is why a free training course in water damage prevention is an opportunity that you should not miss out on. The Red Cross Disaster Relief fund will be accepting voluntary donations at the event, to support the un-ending work that they perform in order to support those who have found themselves in unforeseen disasters, and we ask that those attending give what they can. 

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